Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Baguio Bits

It was my first time to be in Baguio and I'm so glad I was one of the "chosen ones" to attend on the 5th OSSEI National Seminar on Campus Journalism. I really like the Baguio aside from the "centralized aircon" , I just love how I feel so comfortable and happy being there. How I wish I lived there. It was indeed one of the best times of my life. Here are some random stuff that relates with my Baguio Trip.

1. Clean Comfort Rooms
Every public CR we saw in Baguio is labeled as this. Di ba when a place is labeled COMFORT dapat talaga CLEAN?

2. Cheap Finds
Although I did not shop that much, any shopaholic will go gaga over the cheap finds you will see there. There's a wide array of choices, haaayy. If only I had the money...

3. SM Baguio
SM Baguio is located in a very high place, what's funny that we thought that it was near our hotel because it seems near. But we were proven wrong hehe. And mas malamig sa labas kesa sa loob ng SM pero when you reach the Veranda things will go great because of the great view and the weather.

4. Taxis
Mas honest ang mga taxi drivers dun, may silbi talaga yung metro.

I'll upload pics soon..

I miss Baguio already...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the gift. ^^ love it. -cmc

JP said...

according to a friend who's a baguio native, it has lost its luster. ang dami na daw tao. tsaka, sabi niya mas malamig pa daw diyan dati.