Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Last June, I went to the wedding of my 4th year high school adviser. On that day, I realized something.... I grew apart with almost all of my high school batch mates. I really felt out of place when I was there. I had a hard time striking up a conversation, after the staples "kamusta, san ka nag aaral" I could not think of something more to say. What made it worse is that almost all of them seems to be having a great time, they talk as if they were never apart.Or maybe they were never apart in the first place. It was just me I guess. When I left RCCS, I never came back. You see the last time I set foot in my alma matter was when I obtained my report card, that's it. I was out of the loop although there are some former classmates who I still see but thats very seldom. The batch mates that I usually see are the ones that studies here at DLSU-D. It just sad when I think of it, I spent 10 years of my life in RCCS. My batchmates, many of whom I was with for a lot years, are now close to being just merely acquitances, worst, strangers. My life now is just so different with what I had before. It wasn't that long when I left RCCS but as I try to recall my previous life it seems like it was really a long time ago.


Nagi said...

ako rin. ganyan sa mga ka-batchmates ko sa hi sch. Silang lahat may update sa love life nila. sa akin, wala silang update. palaging busy~
except yun nakakaalam ng blog ko. kaso isa lang.

Anonymous said...

don't worry. you'll find a way to reconnect with them. if not, you know what to do when you leave dlsud. &^^-cmc