Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Annebisyosa

This album review is a piece I wrote for my friend Renan's website who provided the CD of this album for me to check out

Undoubtedly Anne Curtis is one of the biggest stars in the local entertainment today. With hit TV shows, blockbuster movies and several endorsements under her belt, Curtis is clearly making a mark in the industry and it’s not surprising that she’s expanding her multimedia presence with the release of her debut album Annebisyosa under Viva Records.

Like most local albums released recently, Annebisyosa went to the safe route by filling the album with revivals. Out of the album’s 8 tracks, six are revivals and two originals (one of which is actually the jingle of one of her endorsements). Eight tracks are too short for an album and I’m not sure that’s worth the 250 pesos you will shell out to purchase it. The best track is the original and lead single Tinamaan Ako which was fun to listen because of its goofy lyrics and easy-going vibe. Although Curtis sounded awkward with some of the Tagalog words in the lyrics. Unfortunately, while her revivals are not that bad overall (nothing cringeworthy) but given her limited vocal abilities and the uninspired arrangement of the tracks, her covers are just merely karaoke versions.

Unless you are really a big fan (or you want to have Anne’s autograph and picture during the promotional mall shows) there’s no strong reason to this check one out. To Anne Curtis’ credit she doesn’t take her new gig as a “singer” that seriously as evident with the tongue-in-cheek album title but for what is worth you can feel a sense of passion in her debut. But passion alone could not carry an album with mediocre song choices and run-of-the-mill production. 5 / 10

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