Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I attended my first department meeting today and well I discovered some important matters: First, the office will now unblock the social networking sites but will keep a record on the sites an employee visits and well if the employee's work performance is poor they will check out how much time an employee spends his/her time accessing those sites and well it could cause termination I think. It's a good compromise for me.
Next, well the manager talked about the poor feedback some of the scripts were receiving from the dubbers. It was a long discussion and hopefully the upcoming weeks will be better for us. Lastly, starting next week, I will now produce a dubbing script for a full episode! The past days, I was just given 5 to 10 minutes worth of script everyday for various episodes handled by the senior writers. My co-workers said that my pace is actually good and they actually asked me if I want to write for a full episode, I immediately said 'yes' because I know I can do it. Plus, I really wanted to have a full episode already to see how would the manager and dubbers assess my work. I hope I won't receive a very bad criticism but then again I should always be ready.
I really like this job, its perfect for me because I love watching TV and I have this dream of becoming a writer for a TV show so this job is a good way for me to develop that skill.
It helps that the TV show we're currently working on, Colombian telenovela El Cartel, has an interesting premise. Its not the usual melodrama but its a suspense-action series and the story is based on true events. The show tells the story of the world of drug trafficking in Colombia. I will write a separate entry about that show sometime.
I have just a good feeling with this job so far. And I'm very happy to feel this way finally.


rea said...

goodluck kuya. :) mukang masaya ka sa trabaho mo ngayon. haha. gow gow gow! :)

forg/jecoup said...

Thanks, so far so good naman :)