Friday, July 24, 2009

Episode No. 53

This week I worked on my first dubbing script for a full episode of El Cartel. I made it to the deadline today. And well I've really gave my 100% because I want my first full episode to be decent - well, not just decent - but good. The past three nights I've stayed a little late in the office just to polish my script. But I will find out next week (or the week after that) what will be my "sentence" because the dubbers will be the judge if I did a good job or not. Since my first day with this job my co-writers already gave me a heads up how meticulous the dubbers are and how they scrutinize the scrips they made. I just really really hope that my first full episode will not be awful for them. *crosses fingers*


reyax said...

goodluck kuya! :) san nga po pala mapapanood ang El Cartel?

forg/jecoup said...


Actually, yung company kasi will launch TeleNovela Channel on cable later this year. :D

But mostly the soaps na dinadub sa abroad pinapalabas kasi English dubbed.

Ranran said...

Keyb: Please delete hyphen in the word "co-writers".

Hahaha! joke lang. ang taas daw ng QA mo dito. Bale pasok na lang daw ulit kasi may shipment na tayo sa drive K.