Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bullets: 2009 Emmy Nominations

  • Wow, 30 Rock is truly an EMMY darling, 22 nominations! I'm not a regular watcher of the show but I do like it but the overflowing love this show has been receiving might cause a backlash too. I admit that I'm a bit annoyed that they love this show too much. For example, in the writing category they got 4/5 nominations (it also happened with Mad Men for the Drama category 4/5!)! I mean I'm sure those episodes are well-written but in my opinion there should be a limit to pave way for other well written shows from many shows.
  • I'm glad that How I Met Your Mother finally was recognized. The nomination for Outstanding Comedy is long overdue. For me the best season for that show was the second season, how I wished they were recognized back then. That show has an excellent ensemble cast plus the process of storytelling is wicked! The attention to detail is amazing! I know its a long shot for them to win the category with 30 Rock expected to win that for the third year in a row (22 Nominations!) but I hope that someday they could win.
  • I'm sad that SURVIVOR is snubbed again for Outstanding Reality Competition program! This reality show has stand the test of time, the way that they could produce two editions per year yet they still find ways to make each season stand out is amazing. If there is one show that should break the monopoly of The Amazing Race in the category is this show. With Survivor not in the running, I'll be rooting for TAR to win again haha. If they will lose I would either pick Project Runway or Top Chef to win. I watch American Idol but this show is inferior to the other reality competition programss because let's admit the premise of that show is simple unlike TAR and Survivor (and Project Runway and Top Chef too). As for the host, I hope Phil Keoghan win this time, I'm glad he is nominated this year after being snubbed last year (but I was so happy that Jeff Probst won last year, he deserved it!)
  • I'm happy Pushing Daisies nabbed FIVE nominations. Yes, this year they missed out on the major categories save for Kristin Chenoweth's nod for Supporting Actress but at least they weren't totally ignored despite being canceled early last TV season. I hope they win all the technical categories they were nominated for (Hairstyling, Make Up, Costumes and Art Direction) or at least not go home empty handed, I just want to see them win. It would be great if Chenoweth wins but I think it a long shot but who knows right?
  • Very glad that Jim Parsons aka Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory was nominated! Sheldon is truly the star of that show! I knew it that he will be nominated because, well, he along with Grey's Anatomy Chandra Wilson presented the nominees but when it was already confirmed I was still happy, he deserves it so much! Sheldon is an over-the-top character and if the actor is not that good the portrayal of the character would look cartoonish but Parsons pulled it off! I hope he wins!
  • So glad LOST is nominated again for Outstanding Drama. The show could sometimes be confusing but anyone who watched this for sure knows how captivating the show's mythology is and how the writing is poignant and the performances truly outstanding. I hope Michael Emerson who portrays the amazing Ben wins this time!
  • Breaking Bad is not a popular TV show and some were shocked that Bryan Cranston won the award for Lead Actor for a Drama series last year but he deserved it. This show is dark and depressing but wonderfully acted, so it was nice to see that his co-star Aaron Paul got a nod too. Please check this show out.
  • I hope The Colbert Report will win for the Outstanding Variety, Musical, Comedy program. The show is so funny! Stephen Colbert is just amazing! I like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart but I find Colbert funnier. Anyway, that's relative I know haha. Anyway, whether he wins or not for sure he would have a say on the show and for sure it will be funny just like the previous years when he loses. Too bad Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety, Music, or Comedy program was discontinued this year, I wanted to see Colbert win one, oh well.

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wow! sana mga manalo si Sheldon! i the love big bang theory! :) physics. :P