Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thesis Epilogue

Today, finally, napa bookbind na namin ang thesis! It took awhile since me and Jas enjoyed the vacation too much ha!ha!. We already submitted it to our department but our adviser is not there and she will be back on Friday pa. We need her signature for the certification and approval sheet. We printed four copies, one each for me, Jas, our department, and adviser. For the library, what they need is the soft copy in CD form. The printing took awhile since printing in the DLSU-D thesis paper is a bit tricky haha plus our thesis have about 140 pages and multiply by four and you get the idea. When we held our the final copy of our thesis it was a great feeling. We felt a sense of accomplishment. All the hard`work paid off.
I do hope that someday some students could find our study useful and use it as RRL.

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Henrik said...

Kapal. :D

Then again, sa aming AB-CAM students ng DLSU, sobra na yata ang 40 pages kapag video project ka... :D