Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I was about to go to school today but my mother requested not to for some reason. I give in. Thanks to the Internet I was still able to do some work for HF. And well I'm excited for our literary folio, Palad, I love the lay out! And we have this cutting edge concept. I hope we win in the CEGP. *crosses fingers*
I read the latest issue of Newsbreak magazine which I bought a week ago but only read now. Ate Purple, a Broadcast Journalism alumnus (one year ahead of me) and former editor of HF, is a researcher/writer for this publication. I am so proud of her, I read all her articles and well this is really what Ate Purple wants in her life. This is so her, an investigative journalist.
I remember the times where we talked inside the HF office, she is really an insightful person. And she is not really stiff, she is so "kalog". I admit I don't usually get almost all her HF columns back in the day and I sometimes ask her what the point of her column is and she will enthusiastically explain it to me. I admire her courage and the way she thinks. I know she will be a great journalist in the years to come and I'm so excited for her.
Here are some of the articles Purple Romero wrote for Newsbreak:

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