Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Trip to WRocK

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July 22,2006. It was an exciting day to me. This is the day of my interview with Ms. Faith Gonzalvo of 96.3 WRocK. Ms. Faith is a friend of a friend of my friend [haha, but that's true, thanks MR. Deen!] and I was glad that she agree to be interviewed. I was really praying the night before that it wont rain [thank God it didn't]. I have no idea where WRocK's office [it's located at Zobel Roxas] is and so do my groupmates, but then my father, who is a driver for nearly three decades, told me that WRocK is not that hard to find, it is just one bus ride [In my place, there's this bus terminal going to Lawton but is only available on mornings], so with that my transportation problem was solved. So on that day I met Jasmin and Aaron to that bus terminal[my other groupmate,Christian who is from Las Pinas, went directly to the place although he has no exact idea where the office really is, but that guy is a lakwatsero so he will find his way, and he did]. We rode the bus at 7:30 am and the bus took off at 8am. My father said to me that we will get to that place early, I was anticipating that there will be traffic but I was wrong, we arrived at 9am, one and half hour early of our appointment! When we texted Christian that we are already at WRocK, he could not believe it since we were so fast. He came in 40 minutes later so we went to the WRocK which is located at the 11th floor of Fems Building. Because it still early and our interviewee hasn't arrived yet we entertained ourselves by taking pictures and ogling at the posters [with authographs] posted on the wall. The hallway of the 11floor is really small, only half of JFH and the elevator is sort of creepy as it opened three times with no people inside it. And then she came, Ms. Faith Gonzalvo step out of the elevator with her two kids and yaya beside her. When she saw us she apologized for making us wait, we said it's okay since we are way early naman talaga. Few minutes later, she let us in to the WRocK studio. It was spacious but dark. We conducted the interview at the recording room and then we found something that shocked us, WRocK is not aired live, its automated/pre taped, Ms. Faith told us that the djs only come to the stations three times a week to record their whole shift for one or two days. While she and the other newscaster [which we saw earlier wearing pambahay clothes only] come everday but record their news one or two hours in advance. The interview went smoothly[although I was the only one asking questions since my groupmates said 'kaya mo na yan, heraldo ka naman'], she gave us nice , poignant answers. After the interview, she took us in a short trip to the whole WRocK office and she even let us stay to see her record the news, her radio voice is so different from her speaking voice, I wonder how people can do that. After a few more photo-ops we said goodbye to Mam Faith.

It was a memorable day and a fun, enriching experience. To see photos of my trip click here


Anonymous said...

ei ei ei interview naman jan!!!

nagi said...

waw~ interviews! ^.^ galing naman.

chy said...

hey, it's nice to hear that you guys had a nice time when you visited us here. good luck!