Sunday, July 30, 2006

The War, Miss Japan, Glenda and DLSP

  • The war between Israel and Lebanon is so sad. Once again, lots of innocent people die. Honestly, I dont know at first what's the reason behind the dispute so I began reading about it and discovering a lot. Lebanon's Hezbolah are evil people, terrorists. I somehow see the reason why Israel is attacking Lebanon but for how long will this war go on? Until both of them are wiped out?
  • Last Monday, out of boredom due to the suspension of classes, I've watched Miss Universe. The last time I watched the competition was wayback in the late 90s when this thing was as big as a Pacquio match. Our representative won Miss Photogenic through online voting (I guess Pinoys did a massive power voting for her to win hehe). My bet was Ms. Japan, too bad she lost, later on I found out that she "walked out" when she was not announced as winner, she really took it hard I guess.
  • Last Tuesday the classes was suspended but I strongly suspect that the suspension in Cavite was "accidental". Why? On that day, around 5am, I listened to an AM radio program to monitor announcements [but I was quite confident that the classes will not be suspended since its not raining although its gloomy]. The announcer called a CHED official and he asked " Sir wala na bang klase sa Cavite, Rizal etc..." and the official said "O sige na nga". Huh? The official sounded sleepy.
  • The first issue of Heraldo Filipino this school year was released last Wednesday and I'm pleased that my articles did not receive any negative feedback [errors on facts, complaints]. Overall, I believe the first issue was good. However, Pat informed that her classmates thought that the name of the school is changed to De la Salle Philippines, Inc. [DLSP] I guess they did not read the article since on the lead pa lang, it was clearly stated there that the DLSU-System is gone and was replaced by DLSP not DLSU-D. This thing just makes me go...