Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Go Figure

let out a sigh of relief when my pending articles for Heraldo Filipino Issue 1 are done already.No more revisions and the articles are already laid out (may term bang ganito, past tense ng lay out hehe). My article on the enrolment rate was fun to do, I even used Mathematics on writing the article. The enrolment statistics really fascinated me. Here is something really got my interest, Business Management is the no.1 course of DLSU-D. It has 1, 300 plus students! And they comprise 43 percent of the whole CBA population. And when you add the population of CLE and COE they will still be outnumbered by Business Management! And the gap between Business Management and the no.2 course [HRM] is as wide as the Mall of Asia. Moreover, Broadcast Journalism have 200 plus students compared to Communication's 500 plus students. Even though CIH and CET had higher TFI among all the colleges their enrolment rate are still up. The number of Accountancy drops so fast as years goes by. In fact the 4th year students have less than 20 students. The females still outnumbered the males, but the males witnessed an increase in number compared to last year. Lastly,the enrolment rate is down slightly compared to last year,it declined by 0.59 percent mainly because DLSU-D had fewer enrolles on the graduate programs. Haha I still have article hang over.