Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Big Puzzle called LOST

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LOST tells the story of plane crash survivors stranded in an island full of mysteries. The show is a must see for people who craves for a show full of excitement, adventure and has intelligent writing. This is not your typical American shows which has stand-alone episodes. The first season, which I have recently finished, chronicles the first 41(?) days of the castways. The story is continous journey so it requires the viewer patience so if you have short attention span I guess you will get tired with the show easily. The show is like a large puzzle with every new episode bringing a new piece to the puzzle. Lots of questions will be raise however those will not be answered immediately. And sometimes when a question is addressed it will bring another one. The characters (well there are about 10 major characters) are not one dimensional, aside from what we see in them in the islands, the show also gives us the preview on how they live before the crash through backstories intertwined with each episode. Each episode (except the pilot and the season finale which have various backstories) focuses on one castaway's backstory. Their stories are so engaging and in some ways interconnected. But LOST is not just pure action as the story has a also a of mix of humor, drama and a little romance on the side.This is the type of show that will make you feel uneasy in your couch,make you cry and will definietly will get you thinkin and evaluate on the situation and the charcters' actions. However, I'm worried on how the show will end, the program set high expectations and hopefully the show's writers will not be "lost" since they have to avoid the story to be too dragging but not completely be revealing since it may generate lost of interest. But as of now I'm enjoying the program since this is truly one amazing show.

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