Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reasons to sleep a little later

ABS CBN will now have an earlier timeslot for their late night newscast.But it will not be INSIDER anymore, replacing the said show will be BANDILA (which I think is an awkward name for a news program).Personally,I guess it's good to finally move the newscast to a timeslot where most people are still awake plus with the change the current affairs programs will now also be earlier (11pm). I'm a fan of Probe Team and I'm really pleased that I could now watch the show on a better time.I hope GMA7 will follow too because I would prefer watching I witness,Reporter's notebook than their unfunny comedy block.


It's only the second week of classes and I'm already starting to feel how heavy my school load will be. I have tougher subjects this time around, so many things to do, so many things to accomplish. I have this bunch o photocopied reference materials to study on for a recitation/quiz on my subhect Electonic Newsroom. I also have this assignment for my Music Scoring and Audio Desgin to burn 5 classical and opera songs with reflection paper. Plus an essay and assigned readings for my Radio/TV newswriting. To top it off, I also have my duties for the school paper. I have seven articles, four are already okay but I still have three that needs revising, and the revision is not just technical errors but I need to input new data on the articles' content.Oh well, it is just the start.


inday said...

hies! Firstliness, I hoping you are done so well in your school academy of education this years. and yes i am agreement with you that know all men by these presents, the filipino channels are make their useful tv programs showing at later times and showing a useless crappy things while everyone is want to watch tv. it is so dumb idea but i guess some people they are dummy enough to watching those things.

JP said...

different name, same banana. i wonder how sir ron is doing there.

forg said...

it's quite different in some way like wala silang entertaiment news hehe

pero they had a James Yap winning the MVP thing which should be alright except my Kris Aquino Slant hehe

Anonymous said...

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