Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back to Uniforms

Classes are here again, Not really back to school since I am always at school just back to uniforms.After two months of wearing civilian clothing, I'm now back wearing my barong and brown pants. I like it this way actually since when you are in uniforms its okay to wear the same stuff everyday (except on wash days of course). I have a limited wardrobe so during the summer months you will see me wearing a shirt that I that I have used so many times. Plus, wearing uniforms is an advantage when riding jeepneys since the moment I step the vehicle its already a given that i'm a student so I should get my discount. Some jeepney drivers are so maarte sometimes but heck the students help them a lot to have a good day in terms of getting their jeepneys full. During the summer months a driver once said to me that passengers are not that many so they don't earn that much. Actually, during the summer months I did not invoke my right of student discount. I believe that's my way of helping them since I also understand that times are hard. But since classes are already resumed, they will have lots of passengers already, so I'm back to my normal commuter state.


This year my block has been "upgraded" form JOU21 to JOU31. Time is flying so fast, I just could not believe that it has already been two years since I first set my foot here at DLSU-D. My third year as Broadcast Journalism student, and base from what I've heard and observed this year will be hard, really hard. 6 out of 8 subjects that I will take this year are major subjects. My schedule is so flexible since all my major subjects are just scheduled in a day for three straight hours. In fact today (Thursday) my first class is on at 2:30PM! And I have no classes on Wednesdays (but I will still go to school). The only subjects in two meetings are the minor ones (Economics and Sociology) and they are scheduled every Tuesday/Thursdays 2:30-4pm and 4-5:30pm. Oh well, I just hope this year will be great.


madel said...

hi jecoup....musta naman ang studies.. hmmn...nalulungkot ako s dog mo.. :( wawa talaga pag namatayan ka ngg aso..lalo na pag mahal na mahal mo.. naexperience ko narin kc un eh at ako din kitang kita ko ung huling paghinga ng dog ko as in nakabantay ako sakanya since it happened nun vacation.. awww.....d bale.dnt wry much..napakita m nmn na minahal m talaga xa nung nabubuhay pa xa db?? hmmn..anyway, hayyy..d2 rin sami sobrang girap grabe! 1st tym wear ng white uniform eh... hehe..ilang pa nga ko kaso kelangan na talaga 2nd week we'll be having our duty na..and i know it will be very hard.... argh! take care lots! c u..

Anonymous said...

ei jec.. may nu blog ako.. eto link:
pero read mo muna yung original blog ko.

forg said...

madel thx for visiting my bog. you can do it, i know you have what it takes to be a good nurse.

cmc ok