Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: Nono

I caught "Nono" by accident, I was supposed to watch "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank" last night at Greenbelt but once again the tickets are sold out! Then again I thought that since I was already there and I really wanted to watch a movie after work so I decided to watch the other Cinemalaya film that is screening at that time and it was "Nono". That was the first time that I heard about this movie, I didn't notice that there's a film called "Nono" in this year's Cinemalaya film festival because it's not part of the New Breed or Shorts categories instead it belongs to NETPAC premieres. Anyway, missing out "Septic Tank" for the second time around turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I really enjoyed "Nono", a heartwarming story about Toto, a boy born with a cleft-lip (in Pinoy vernacular "ngongo") who wanted to join his school's declamation contest. Despite his speech impediment, Toto is not backing down as he strives to prove that he can do it. It may sound like your typical 'underdog' movie but this film does not emotionally manipulate the viewers to root for the kid because the script does not really put him under emotional torture. Sure his classmates laughs when he attempted to sing, sure there are kids who mocked him and yes there's even a bully (that became a friend later on) but they are all pretty harmless. Plus, Toto was never portrayed as a victim, he showed wisdom beyond his age but you could still the kid in him, a determined kid that will win your heart. Another thing I like about this film is the friendship Toto had with his deaf friend Ogoy and frienemy Badong. You could feel the children's innocence in every scene that these kids are in. Seeing them will make you remember of your childhood friends and classmates. I was particularly moved with Ogoy's story and how Toto & Badong looked after him. There's a scene in the film that really got me when former tormentor Badong carried Ogoy who fell asleep outside the school waiting for Toto to come out (Ogoy is an out-of-school-youth who sneaks in the school to help Toto but he got caught at that time).. Major kudos for finding these terrific kid actors. The adult actors also did fine, they gave great support to the kids especially Toto's wise-cracking supportive single mom Glenda. She had great rapport with the kids and his scenes with Toto felt natural and you would feel the love & support of a mom who motivates his son to never let his disability stop him from living the life he wants. I was all smiles while watching the film, it was the perfect film to cap off a long day at work. 9/10

And as luck would have it after Nono's screening there was a 'talkback" where the film's writer/director Milo Tolentino and some of the movie's cast were there to interact with the audience (too bad the kid who played Toto was not there). I learned more stuff about the film like the fact that the script has already won a grant from the Script Development Fund of the Busan Film Festival in South Korea.

Anyway, learn more about "Nono" at their official website at http://nonothemovie.com/
"Nono" will still have two screenings at Cinemalaya this week and I hope you could watch this delightful film because I assure you this is a good one.

20 July/Wed, 4:00PM Greenbelt 3 - Cinema 3
22 July/Fri, 9:00PM Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theatre)


Toti Reyes / Team NONO said...

On behalf of Director Milo Tolentino and Team NONO, thank you very very much for watching our film and giving that wonderful review. Truly appreciate it. Please do spread the word about NONO, a one -of-a-kind film in Cinemalaya.

Best wishes,
Toti Reyes
Line Producer / YellowKite Film Productions & StudioIndio (NONO)

forg/jecoup said...

Toti Reyes,

Hi! Thank you for dropping by my blog. NONO is a great film that deserves to be noticed :)