Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nostalgia Fit: "Buwan" by Cacai Velasquez

Humor blogger Professional Heckler had a mini-Twitter discussion last night about OPM one hit wonders and I gave out several answers, some got retweeted which were "Larawang Kupas" by Jerome Abalos and "Itsumo" by Dice & K9 then I suddenly remembered Cacai Velasquez, she's kinda considered a one hit wonder because she had one phenomenal song which was "Forever Blue" but she had minor hits as well and one of these is "Buwan". "Buwan" is a song that takes me back in the day when I started listing down radio countdowns because it's one of the hit songs on Kool 106 OPM Top 20 countdown back then (my chart geekdom started at Kool 106 daily countdowns in the 90s). Anyway, "Buwan" is such a great OPM song and it makes me miss the days where OPM produced quality songs, OPM is lousy these days sad to say and I hope OPM can reclaim its former glory and release more original songs!

In case you forget (or you're not aware at all) here's Cacai Velasquez's "Buwan"

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Anonymous said...

Tagal ko na rin di naririnig to.Mahanap nga sa iTunes.:) Mas gusto ko pa rin ung As Still As a Photograph na song ni Cacai.