Thursday, March 17, 2011

Midweek Musings 13

* The past three weeks was a difficult time at work, I realized so many things and learned a lot of lessons. I've been with the company for a year and a half and this is the first time that I felt like quitting my job but of course is not easy, I can't act impulsively anymore. I do like my job to be fair but the working atmosphere has been a little toxic lately that it's really hard to muster enthusiasm but deep in my heart I know this is just a phase I need to experience as part of growing up. I hope I survive

*I've been neglecting the blog a little lately. I miss writing my Billboard roundups, my Hot 100 round up will be back tomorrow. I really felt bad not writing my usual Hot 100 and Billboard 200 round ups I was just busy and well even if I could squeeze in some time to write, I have no energy to do it because of my personal issues but I'll be back, I'll have this blog up and running again

* On the happy side, on March 5 my beloved Heraldo Filipino, the official student publication of DLSU-D, celebrated its 25th Anniversary and it was really a fun celebration and I really enjoyed seeing old faces again. Too bad some of the HF friends I really wanted to see did not come but anyway the celebration was a blast I felt so proud with the current editors because a lot of them were apprentice during my term as EIC, I felt like a proud father seriously :) I feel so honored that I became part of HF, my college life was so memorable because of HF, it taught me a lot of lessons in life that I took with me when I entered the real world! I'm so glad it got the celebration and recognition it deserves! Cheers to more years of Voice, Virtue, Vigilance!

Here's a picture on the photobooth, I'm with Pat and Em my batchmates at the news section of HF and Rizza, the current News editor and entered HF when I was the EIC.

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