Thursday, September 01, 2005

Smoke gets into my Nerves!

While in the jeep this morning something annoyed me.It's not the music nor the noisy DJ of Love Radio (kailangan pa bang i memorized yan, for pete's sake), it is not the traffic caused by people who are ignorant or lazy to cross in the right way nor the insensitivity of some passengers ("Hello Lady, someone just left the jeep could you move a little since I'm only sitting like a quarter of space") but the oh-so nice driver stop in the middle of the road to buy his precious cigarette and he smoked it till his lungs content. I hate smoke.Any kind of smoke wheter it came from burning leaves, from a vehicle or incense. But what really irritates me is smoke coming from cigarettes. This is something I could not fathom, Why do people smoke cigarettes?. Come on what are the benefits do cigarette bring us? And when I see cigarette ads there is this"government warning" that says cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health, if is really hazardous why show it in the first place? It is like saying buy this it could kill you. I do not want to lecture on how bad smoking cigarettes because this topic has been discussed a lot of times from our parents to school teachers to the media, people already know how dangerous it is but still they still continue it. Well I'm not telling people to stop smoking since it's their prerogative. Smoke until your lungs burn out but please DO NOT SMOKE IN PUBLIC PLACES because there are still people who cares about their lungs.

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cmc said...

read yer blog. ^^ honestly.. i smoke. but yeah, i dont smoke in public places. ^^ i have an image to protect. -____-

what are the benefits of smoking for me:

1: it helps me to calm my nerves. i smoke ONLY when im stressed.

2: it helps me lose my appetite.