Sunday, September 25, 2005


Today, my brother finally ends his "hiatus". He graduated from college about two years ago but he did not work nor to attempt to have one. It's not that he do not want to but there were reasons why he was unemployed for the past years. My brother is not confident that he has the skills to handle a job. I can't blame he graduated from a school where he was not trained that well to face the real world. Plus my parents seems to like that he stays home. My brother helps my mother doing house chores. As for my father...well... he always like us,his children,to be "at home and safe from harm". Don't get me wrong, my father is a good person, he is hardworking and caring. But he has one BIG flaw, he is a worry rat and overprotective. He seems like he want us to be in his "leash" forever. I remember many "verbal sessions with voices that could match up a microphone's voulume" between my father and brothers everytime they went home past curfew [the curfew is 6 or 7pm at least or in some lucky time 8pm]. My father is always scared that my brothers might get get into danger when they are out at night. I appreciate his concern but he is already suffocating us. When the cellphone became popular I thought this might ease my father's constant feeling of worry since he could now contact his kids but I guess it became even worse. He sends SMS like every hour, and if you missed a call or text his nervous cell will work again and negative things will be running through his head. What's even worse is if you have a lowbat phone thus you could not response to him, he will be frantic. My father thinks that we are still young kids who could not take care of ourself.When he is not in his "worrying period" my father is a sweet guy. I just hope that someday he would loosen up and let us grow up. My brother started work today and since today is my father's day off he insisted on accompanying him there. My brother agreed on it to avoid complications. It's not a good sign.


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ganda said...

parehas tau ng problema jecs hehehehe....