Friday, January 04, 2008

Stuff I need to do

  • Study, especially Media Ethics[I love the professor but his pointers for review could be compared to the study load of a Law student]. We did not have preliminary exams on all of subjects last December because our professors moved it to this month. Bummer. Oh well, kunting tiis na lang.
  • Schedule bidding for the HF mags and folios. Also set a schedule for deadlines, lay out and release. We were able to release HF3 on time last Month, we could do this. HF 4 schedule is already okay and I need to plan for the other publications.
  • Read the newspapers everyday and start to have clippings. Thanks to my OJT as a proofreader I became updated with the news. And I will have news clippings, I believe this is a good activity to do and will be beneficial in the long run. I was inspired to do this because of one employee in Journal is doing this.
  • Read. I bought a lot of books when I started my OJT, well blame it to the location of Journal's office which is near the Makati malls and my siblings who shared to me their Christmas bonuses. I bought Twisted 8 and Pinoy Elections: A Guide for the Dismayado both by Jessica Zafra, Tongues of Fire by Conrado De Quiros, Kiko Machine Volume 3 by Manix Abrera and two books of flash fictions [in Filipino and in English] . So far I finished two only [Pinoy Elections and KikoMachine] and 1/4 of Twisted 8. Plus I have not continue reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows which I bought late November [pinag ipunan ko yan ah haha], I was swamped with school stuff so reading it was put on hold. I thought I could start reading it again this Christmas break but then there was OJT. I'm sure I could not read it the succeeding months because I will be again busy with school and HF. So therefore I plan to read it on summer haha because reading Harry Potter needs my undivided attention. No spoilers please. Oh I also have not started reading Nicholas Sparks' A Bend in the Road which I bought in a second hand bookstore several weeks ago. Summer na rin siguro haha
  • Speaking of books, I need to organize my books, magazines and HF publications.
  • Go to the bank and deposit, this has been a monthly thing for me since I started banking in June 2006. I want to be like my parents, especially my mother, who is very good in handling our finances. I'm off to a good start.

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