Tuesday, January 01, 2008


OJT Day 14[December 27]: There was a shocking news at the Journal office that day, one of the guards of Universal-re building [where Journal's office is located] died the other night. He fainted in the building and was DOA in the hospital, what a sad news before the year ends.
We also had another nice chat with Mam Vilma, what a cool mom, I must say. She has been part of Journal since 1980. Wow. She told us that Sir Gus, the EIC,used to be a terror editor. It was surprising because Sir Gus today is very nice and approachable. I could not imagine how he was like during the early years of Journal.

OJT Day 15 [December 28]: My classmate Ghie was given an assignment to interview someone in Sta. Mesa. I actually encourage to accept the assignment because at first she was hesitant but I told her that it will be a great experience plus she needs the "extra points" because she lagging behind with the duty hours. I'm glad she enjoyed the assignment somehow although she said it was tiring. I helped her write the lead of her story, that is actually my forte writing leads hehe.
I hope next time, I will get a field assignment too, but I'm not rushing since I'm enjoying the proofreading. And I'm glad because the resident artist and one writer there commended for being so hardworking.They are actually amazed because I live in Cavite and is still very visible in the office. It was nice to see my efforts appreciated.
Anyways, the journey back home is frustrating because of the worst traffic I ever experienced. It took me four hours just to get home.

OJT Day 16 [December 30]: There were only two proofreaders who reported for work today so we had extra work today and I like it. I proofread like 6 pages continuously. And it felt good that the proofreaders showed confidence to us because previously after we proofread a page we will pass it to them for rechecking what we have done. Yesterday, for some pages, they told us to forward the page to the lay out artist already. Woohoo!

Well I will not have my OJT today, I'll be back next year[which is like a few hours from now haha]. Out of the 31 days of December, I was on duty for 16 days. This month is definitely a memorable one for me.

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