Monday, January 28, 2008


OJT Day 27 [January 20]

A slow Sunday. Large gaps in between proofreading. It was unusual that there were very people in the office that day. Mam Vilma and Sir Roel, the proofreaders that I usually talk with,were absent.The other interns were all absent. So it was quiet. Uncomfortable silence. Left the office a bit earlier than usual. I just felt bored and the my energy level were at its lowest that day.

OJT Day 28 [January 21]

If the previous day was boring, this day is different. Did a lot of work today, and the other interns are absent because they have classes. I have to admit that I'm more comfortable without them around. But tomorrow they will be back.

OJT Day 29 [January 22]

The other interns are back. So for the first three hours of my OJT I did nothing but "supervise" them. I was a bit annoyed today since I lend my two pens and highlighter for them to use but I heard no "thank you" at all. Hindi sa nanunumbat but I believe it is just polite right to do that lalo na't they even used my highlighter and pens for some non work-related stuff[for word search problems, lettering names on their school handout]. Sorry for ranting, but I just felt they were insensitive. Also, at one time I asked someone where is the cap of my highlighter --no reaction-! They are still noisy. But there is one who is polite and he really shows the proper behavior. When they left, it was really a sigh of relief for me.

January 23

Absent for OJT. Went to school for HF stuff. The start of Lasallian Festival [previously called as Lasallian Days]. But I did not feel it because I was busy and my mind was pre occupied with another dilemma. Haaayyyy.

January 24

Lasallian Festival Day 2 but still not active. Went on to take care of HF stuff then met BOUNCE magazine editors [ate Upper and ate Jen] who visited DLSU-D that day, we discussed some stuff.
We had a class later that afternoon for Cross Cultural Communication under sir Ramirez but we just had film viewing. We watched "NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER". Nakaka-stress na pelikula but very insightful.

January 25

No classes on Ethics today so went to school around 1pm in time for the HF staff meeting 1:30pm. Ate Lhen, EIC last year and my mentor, visited the office and I even invited her to talk the staff meeting. It felt good seeing her.
The meeting went fine. Announced adjustments on the HF 4 release, we did not meet our original plan. My editors and staff were all swamped with academic requirements. Also announced the promoted staffers. Five were promoted to Junior staff status. and one for Senior Staff status. I also had a meeting with the CJA delegates and the News section. The News section is under a challenging period because my news editor,Pat, filed for Leave of Absence due to health reasons. So for now I'm the one monitoring her staff.

Today was also Gary V's concert in DLSU-D. I wanted to come but I have to go home early because I have to meet the deadline for this online writing gig I have. Well, sacrifices.

January 26

The results of the Prelim Exams of my Advertising Management class were released. I got a higher than expected grade, that's good since half of the class got low scores. Our final requirement was also discussed. We will bid for an advertising account. It will be challenging since we have limited time to work that on [the finals period for the graduating students is so short]. But I believe we [my group, The Viewpoint] could pull this off.
We had a fast paced class on Broadcast Management because our department required us to watch a play later that afternoon at SM Bacoor.
The play is best for grade school kids but I was entertained nevertheless since the actors were really good and the script is witty.

January 27

I was supposed to report for OJT but I opted not too since everyone in the family went out. Bantay Bahay muna ako. Plus, it was an opportunity for a rest after another jam packed week.


Nagi said...

Hi Jec, alam ko nagana pa rin yung send 20 to 258. 1day unli na lang ata ang nagana.
Last ata na natry ko yun was around Nov last year?
Di ko masyado ginagamit smart ko.
Pansin ko mas madami la sallista sa globe.

JP said...

Meron na ulit 5days unli ang Globe. Same keyword and number pa rin. :D

Siyempre, Atenista may ari ng Smart. :lol:

forg/jecoup said...

nagi: thx sa info, unli20 pala yung code kasi when I texted 20 kinorrect ako hehe

kuya jp: I know I have both globe and smart phones hehe

Anonymous said...

I was at Lasallian festival on 25th. Mas masaya last year. I think this year was a little... "stiff".