Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Old and New

OJT Day 24 [January 14]

I'm back at Journal! Feels good to be back after 4 days of absence. It was the usual work load but I'm used to it anyway. Mam Vangie, the one who was bitten by the dog, is still absent. But she is okay according to his husband Sir Ernie, the chief photographer. Before I reported for duty I notice there was a commotion at Gallardo Street,where Journal's office is near. It turns out that a portion of the old PAL [Philippine Airlines] building collapsed. It caused a slight panic among the nearby offices including Journal. According to the employees it felt like an earthquake. The building was scheduled to be demolished but it was postponed because of the incident.
A realization: One thing good about my OJT as a proofreader is that I read a lot [proofreader nga eh duh haha] and it is beneficial for me since I am now well informed on national news plus sports and showbiz [haha]. I realized it was when I watched the news and a lot of the news there I already know. After all,I read tomorrow's news today.

OJT Day 25 [January 15]

I was listening to the FM radio on my phone as I wait for pages to proofread when someone tapped me in the back and it was Sir Mike [The HR] with a couple of people with him and he began saying "Well this is Jec, he is your senior OJT, he is a fast learner and I will leave you to him" WHAT THE! Okay, I felt flattered being praised for me being a quick learner but I was surprised when he said to me to "take care" of the people he was with, which were the new interns from University of Rizal, FIVE NEW INTERNS!
Later on I found out that they are actually six but the other one was assigned to the advertising department then a few minutes after the other two joined their classmate in that department, so three were left for me "to take care of". Oh well, I told them some stuff I know about Journal and some basic stuff for proofreading [feeling empleyado hehe]. They are nice naman, we had conversations about our respective schools but later on someone complained a bit how she was bored. Well, I know the feeling since there are times that there are large gaps that you don't have anything to proofread yet... it is really boring. But the way she said was kinda bratty for me. They left early around 4pm. Sir Roel told me that they were noisy and asked me to tell them next time to tone down their voices when talking.
It looks like I have a new task. But I'm glad for the trust and confidence they have on me.


JP said...

Hanggang diyan pa naman din sa Journal may alipores ka rin? Nyahaha!

Nagi said...

You'll go far, Jec! Keep it up.

forg/jecoup said...

Kuya JP: Kabuntot na siguro ng buhay ko ang ganun hehe

Nagi: Salamat. Sana nga, =)