Monday, January 07, 2008

OJT shorts

OJT Day 17 [January 2]

First OJT for the year. And a lot of the proofreaders [and my co-interns as well] were absent. So I worked double time and I felt like a real employee. Great feeling.

OJT Day 18 [January 3]

Well another day of where more than half of the proofreaders were absent so I was really useful and busy. No dull moments. The receptionist joked that I was "the hero" for the day haha. Yes, kinilig ako sa comment na 'yun haha.
I realized that I like proofreading Filipino more than English. It is challenging. I even bought Vicassan's Pilipino-English dictionary today to aid me.Grace, HF's Literary editor, recommended me that dictionary because it is really helpful and she is right. A good reference indeed because it does not just translate the meanings of a Filipino word but its part of speech,variants and with sample phrases and sentences to make clear of their uses.

OJT Day 19 [January 4]

Back to normal as the proofreaders are back [from an extended vacation?]. So we went to normal work load and my classmate Christian showed up [my other classmate Ghie is sick]. Well I'm kinda getting used being alone but it was nice to have a classmate there with you especially during the idle times when there is no page to be proofread. During one of our conversations we realize how soon graduation is. Oh well.
Oh and one senior Sports writer chatted with us about writing, he shared to us that he was business management graduate but it did not stop him from pursuing his passion for sports writing. Reminded me of Kuya Jonas, our senior sports writer at HF who is also a Business Management student but is so good in sports writing [he won 3rd place in the PBA sports writing contest two years ago]. It was nice of him to have a chat with us since it was the first time we talked to a Journal staff aside from the proofreaders, the receptionist, the resident go-to guy Kuya Buddy and EIC Sir Gus.

January 5

Absent because of a lame reason. Nagsisi din ako sana nag-OJT na lang din ako.

OJT Day 20 [January 6]

Ghie is present and she came early but Christian is absent. All proofreaders were there [except for the one who had a day off] so usual work load. But it was an entertaining day because they were all talking about PBB Big Night hehe.
Well, I added my duty hours today and I accumulated 103 hours already! 97 hours to go. But I will also have some "bonus hours" because of the published articles I had last month. So in my computation, I will be finish by second week of February. Geezz, time flies.

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dadalaw ako sa school for the lasallian days, err, festival i mean =) grad pic mo ha =)