Saturday, January 12, 2008

Officially Alone and More Flashbacks

OJT Day 21 [January 7]

Today, Sir Mike [The HR] approached me and asked if my classmates would like to be transferred to another company connected with Journal which is MediaCom, and he said there will be an allowance. I texted them and they agreed. When I told it to Sir Mike he gave me the contact details of the company and instructed me that they [classmates] should contact them immediately. And that's the official start of me being the lone intern at Journal as my classmates were asked to report at MediaCom the next day. Mam Vilma said "Paano yan, mag isa ka na lang", I said to her that I'm used to being alone anyway since they are absent usually. She laughed.
Sir Mike told me too if I'm interested to join my classmates there but I declined. I'm happy with Journal already.

OJT Day 22 [January 8]

I had a nice chat with Mam Vilma today, she is really nice and friendly. She is young at heart that is why I enjoy talking with her. We talked about her kids, her failed marriage, how she wants to retire already but can't [she has been with Journal for 28 years], my family, Jennylyn Mercado's pregnancy, Mariel's behavior at PBB, and a bit of Journal's history [Gus Abelgus used to work there!]. Well, we talked a lot of topics because we had slow start at work since the production of the three papers were delayed.
But when pages started pouring in we were so busy since two proofreaders were absent and once again I feel useful hehe. Plus, they really trust my proofreading skills since there are no more 2nd reading after I've proofread a page. I felt like a real employee.
Anyways, I discovered another interesting stuff at Journal. I'm amazed at the Sports section of Journal, they work so fast. I observed this in the "Racing Holiday" issue wherein a writer interviewed a key person through phone and wrote immediately. It was fast yet they still manage to write a substantial article.

OJT Day 23 [January 9]

A senior writer celebrated his birthday and celebrated it by treating the whole office. Thank You Sir [stupid me, I forgot his name]. A sad story though, Mam Vangie was bitten by a dog earlier so she could not report for work, I hope she will be fine soon. Another discovery, I found she is married to the Journal's chief photographer. I discovered it when he hurriedly left the office after finding out what happened to Mam Vangie. They met and fell in love at Journal, sweet.
It was a stressful day because of a problem in school and Mam Vilma commented that she saw in my face how stressed I was. I felt guilty because it took me a little longer proofreading because I would pause time to time to text people in school. I was not reprimanded though but still, I will never do that again.
When I left the office I told them that classes would resume the next day. Sir Roel said to me that they have gotten used to seeing me frequently already.

I'm excited to report,more than ever, again on Sunday. I need a new atmosphere, something to divert my attention from school stress.

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