Sunday, January 13, 2008


I talked with my "favorite" editor haha just a few minutes ago. It was an emotional talk caused by the stress of the problem we have. But what's good, we were able to settle some things. I was able to comfort her in this challenging times and understand some of the things she is going. It was good that she informed me of her concerns. Also she helped me to lessen my worries, well she aimed to put an end to my worries, but knowing me I could not really be 100% confident but still she was able to help since I'm no longer that paranoid about this crisis. Well, I feel better now.


I may or may not report for OJT. It depends on the weather. It was raining cats and dogs today.


It was funny in class earlier when I answered our professor's query when our last meeting will be and I said Feb.16. I could see in my classmates' faces that it already started sinking in that we are close to the end. I even made a boo-boo when I stressed that fact even more "Oo sa 16 na last meeting, kasi sa feb 18, graduation na..........este finals". Everybody laughed, excited daw ako.
Well, I really am.
But sad as well.
But will dwell on that topic on future posts, it is premature as of now to talk about it.

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