Thursday, January 03, 2008


The latest episode of Probe on ABS CBN is very moving. The topic is about Victor, a batang lansangan whom Che Che Lazaro interviewed him in 1988. His interview back then left a great impact, like when he was asked what's the job of her mother, he replied "Puta nanay ko". The way he said it was so raw and so real. After 20 years, Probe located Victor to find out what happened to him. He is still poor. But what is good at least was that he did not really went astray, he is not in the prison after all despite the environment he grew up. I also like his smile, it did not change after all this years, it was a smile that shows a glimmer of hope. It was amazing how Probe was able to pull this story. Great episode but what's sad is that only a few people have seen this because of its very late time slot.
I hope Probe puts their episodes on DVD. I have always been a big fan of Probe shows especially 5 & Up, I wanted to become a 5 & Up kid back then. When the show was canceled I was really upset. Although Probe now has Kabataan News Network [joint effort with UNICEF] over at UniversiTV but unfortunately I have not watch an episode yet when the show was moved there. It was aired previously at ABC 5 [2 years but the last year in ABC 5 was full of replays. Also, during its stint in that station I won a KNN t-shirt when my e-mail was read on air] then they moved to ABS CBN [for a very short time only like two months before they canceled it]. I hope I could catch up but their time slot is not feasible for me since it is early evening [6:30pm] weeknights and these days during that time I'm outside because of OJT. I hope they could have a DVD too. And old 5 & Up episodes too. But that is a far fetch idea I know.
Anyways, speaking of TV shows on DVD, I was at Powerbooks yesterday and I saw the I Witness and Philippine Agenda DVDs and made a mental note to buy one the next time I visit the bookstore. They are a bit expensive but I am sure it is worth it.
I hope Probe will follow suit. Maybe I should e-mail them? Hmmmm...
I know this post is so random and anything goes, I was about to post something else but that Probe episode just left a big impact that it rekindled something inside me that was dormant the last few months. A good way to start the year I believe.

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