Friday, August 06, 2010

Goodbye Max FM

Today is the last day of 103.5 Max FM it will be reformatted to be a "masa" station mid-August. 103.5 Max FM lasted for three years. The first format of the station was pop/CHR then late last year it reformatted to dance format. Admittedly, I was not a fan of the latter format since I like the old format better but I still stuck with the station because of the DJs I like to listen to which were DJ Rain/Quich Lorraine, Bryan Scott and Scarlet.

I'm gonna miss the radio station, in 2008 it became my favorite station actually when DJ Kelly joined their station. I blogged before how I was addicted to her show before Kellybites Nights and met a lot of radio addict friends online. I love the Early Returns and Final Countdown because DJ Rain adn and Bryan Scott (later on Johnny Chase) were so interactive to listeners like me. I think 2008 was their best year, they had a great line up of DJs with King DJ Logan, Tetta News, The Sarge, Drei Ball, Carl McFly, Boo Kyler, HTown, Bryan Scott, Quich Lorraine and Kelly however by early 2009 a lot of the DJs left and later that year they reformatted to the current format of dance/house. As I've mentioned above I was not a fan of the said format but I appreciated how different they were from the rest of the mega manila FM radio stations. But well I guess it was really a tough sell as the station's management decided to shift to the masa format this month (as discussed on 103.5 Max FM thread in Personally, I don't see the need to add another masa radio station in the already crowded scene in Mega Manila. And I'm no elitist, I appreciate the (current) masa radio format if the DJs are naturally funny. The thing is Mega Manila radio already has seven of them:

90.7 Love Radio (the #1 station in Mega Manila and the trendsetter of the masa format today)
91.5 Energy FM
93.9 iFM
97.1 Baranggay LS
101.1 Yes FM
101.9 Tambayan
102.7 Star FM

I'll give the up-and-coming 103.5 the benefit of the doubt. I hope they inject something fresh to the format. Although with Mr. Fu of Energy FM reportedly joining the new 103.5, I'm afraid it will be just the same of the 7 other masa stations. But let's see.

As for 103.5 Max FM, I will really miss the station and the very nice DJs they had. I wish to hear them again on radio soon. As I type this, DJ Scarlet is having a retrospective right now of the past Max FM shows and DJs. I'm glad they were able to say goodbye properly (unlike 97.1 Campus Radio and their short-lived revival Campus 99.5 that just disappeared.)

So long 103.5 (and a half!) Max FM and thank you for the memories

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