Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bring Back The "O" in OPM

One criticism about OPM lately is that they are not following the "O" in OPM which means "Original" (as in Original Pilipino Music) because of the onslaught of revivals and tagalized versions of foreign songs. I feel the same way too and it's really frustrating to hear the lack of original material on mainstream OPM these days. I know those revivals sell well but I hope that we could hear more original OPM songs in the airwaves soon. I strongly believe that if the song is good, it would be a hit! I hope the revival fad will die soon. I don't mind revivals but there's always a limit to everything and original material should be more present in the airwaves than remakes. Anyway, in line with that let me share to you my five current favorite OPM songs which are also gaining good airplay in Mega Manila. :)

5. This Gathering - Franco

4. Tayo - Peryodiko

3. 'Di Lang Ikaw - Juris

2. Disney - Tanya Markova

1. Hangover - Sugarfree

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