Saturday, August 21, 2010


Yesterday (which is just a few hours ago), I was surprised when our HR approached me on my desk and gave me an envelope with the words CONFIDENTIAL sealed on it. Since I'm really a paranoid person I immediately thought "What did I do?", "Am I sanctioned?", "But for what?" and many other negative thoughts! So I was surprised that the envelope contained a letter from the administration informing me that I received a salary increase! Wait but before you ask for a blowout or anything [kuripot! haha] the increase is just 10% from my current salary (which is really not that big, just slightly above minimum wage) but I don't care an increase is an increase ! I honestly did not think that I will get a salary increase this year since my officemates told me that the company does not usually give regular salary increase in the past so I was not expecting an increase even if I've been with the company for over a year already and I was actually fine with that, so you could just imagine how I was when I read the letter. I feel so flattered and yes proud of myself :D. Thank you Lord for this blessing! Yesterday actually started on a bad note so what a turnaround it had been! I just feel so happy because after failing miserably on my first two jobs, the third one was indeed the charm! I really like working for the company especially now that I'm not just writing dubbing scripts but also experiencing production work and events organizing. I landed in the right place at the right time. I hope I could grow more with the company in time.


Dez said...

Yehey!! I'm happy for you kuya jec! I already have a work na! Kuya Dane and I are under the same company. I'm so excited to receive my first salary ever! :)
(share lang) haha!

forg/jecoup said...

Congrats Dez! Nabasa ko nga sa blog mo na nasa SPi ka na, yung kuya ni Ate Hanna mo si Kuya Eric dating EIC dyan din nag work before after he graduated. Magandang jumpstart yan sa career mo Dez, have fun sa work :)