Sunday, August 08, 2010

Don't Blame It All on PAGASA!

My heart goes out to Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) head Prisco Nilo who was sacked from his position this week due to the failure to properly predict Typhoon Basyang's destination. It's no denying that PAGASA's track record of accurately predicting the weather is not that good but in my opinion the heat they have been receiving is so unfair. I feel that they have become the scapegoat when tragedies struck during typhoons. And you know what, I have yet to see an interview of them becoming so defensive or pikon despite the several criticisms they have been receiving. They are maximizing what they can do with the limited human resource and technology they have. And what they do is no easy thing! The reason why I feel bad when Nilo was fired is because I read an interview about him before and he was asked why he chose to stay here instead following his fellow meteorologists who went abroad (and you know many of them have already left) and he said because he want to serve the country. Of course, we say that he could be just saying that to impress the interviewee, to get a sound byte but you know come to think who would really want to stay on this kind of job, where despite your hardwork, people would still blame you as if you are the worst government agency in the country. Here's the deal, it's not the fault of PAGASA why there are traffics, floods, blackouts, landslides and all the other effects of typhoons. I really that instead of blaming them everyone should do their, if there is a news of an impending typhoon/storm/moonsoon regardless our area will be affected, let's always be ready. They are not a perfect agency but I don't doubt their hardwork. I hope people will see it and give them some slack. There are more inefficient government agencies that deserves the beating PAGASA has been receiving.

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