Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Midweek Musings 5

*I'm been on sick leave at work for the past three days because I got acute tonsillitis, flu and asthma. It started last Sunday and I really had a difficult time. It's my first "major" sickness in years. "Major" as in I need to have a check up with the doctor. Although my parents paid for the bill and the medicines, I told them I will pay them come payday because I have to be responsible already and after all I got sick because of my unhealthy eating habits(acute tonsillitis was caused by my excessive eating of sweets and even though I already feel a little off last Saturday I still ate junk foods). It's really expensive to get sick these days so this is a big lesson for me. I need to watch my diet, I'm already near being obese actually and with a family history of hypertension and high blood pressure I should be really cautious.

*As an effect of my sickness, my 2 year old nephew and my mother also got sick. I really feel guilty about this because it's somehow my fault. Nanay is a lot better now thank God but my nephew is not as active as he used to be although the doctor says that we should not worry at all as he has no major illness that he just had minor coughs and slight fever and in one to two days he will recover. But still it really makes me sad to see him not running and playing around and I could see in his eyes he is not feeling good. I definitely understand now why my parents were so protective of me when I was a child because I had several severe asthma attacks as early 2 months old and up until I was around 5 years old. I can imagine how worried they were everytime I was hospitalized. I had times when I talked back to my parents when ever they scold or make sermon at me which now in hindsight makes me feel guilty. Good thing I never had strained relationships with Nanay and Tatay. I love them and I don't regret anymore if there some things in my life before that I sacrificed because I know it will not be good for my parents. It's all worth it.

*Miss Universe 2010 was held yesterday and beforehand I've already heard that Miss Philippines Venus Raj had a shot on winning. I thought it was just media hype like in the past years but well she actually did well yesterday making it to the top 5, the lone Asian in the top 15 actually, and bagging 4th runner up. She could have won if she had a more impressive answer on the Q&A portion but well making it to the finals is already a major, major accomplishment. I know some people may find it shallow since it was just a beauty contest but at least it was somewhat a bright spot for the Filipinos who were disturbed by the hostage taking tragedy last Monday. Yes, it did not solve any problems or anything but it was a good "break" so to speak. Congratulations Venus Raj!

*I'm still not over the hostage taking tragedy last Monday. Everything that happened last Monday still haunts me. And I know that Hongkong nationals are even more upset with this tragedy and sadly it is now straining the relationships of Filipinos and the Hongkong nationals as it has been reported that several Filipino domestic helpers will be fired or already fired by their employers because of the backlash caused by the tragedy. I know that emotions are high right now but I hope that their government will help ask the people to not extend their anger to the domestic helpers and all the Filipinos in Hongkong right now because it's really unfair. I like what Jackie Chan tweeted earlier today because despite his shock and sorrow when he found out about the tragedy he is still rational about it and big thanks for him not promoting a culture of hate. Coming from an influential person like him, it was really touching.

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