Monday, August 23, 2010

Michelle Branch, Where Are You?

I really miss Michelle Branch, it was love at first her when I heard "Everywhere" then she followed it up with more good singles like All You Wanted, Goodbye to You and Breathe. I'll always remember my high school years with her The Spirit Room / Hotel Paper songs. But she got married and laid low for awhile. She returned for awhile as part of the country duo The Wreckers which also had good songs. But after one album, she disappeared in the limelight again.

But wait Michelle Branch is back!

Well sort of...

Last year she already had two songs "This Way" and "Sooner or Later" in the airwaves but due to lack of promotion those songs never took off. And while it was announced about two years ago that she would release her new album soon but it never happened! As a fan it was really frustrating to see her have problems with her record label (she would sometimes express her frustrations on her twitter account) but finally this year it will be released but the supposed album became just an EP and you could only order it through her website but last week though the album could now be pre-ordered on iTunes and will have a limited Physical CD release too. The EP has six tracks only:
  1. "Ready to Let You Go"
  2. "Sooner or Later"
  3. "I Want Tears"
  4. "Crazy Ride"
  5. "Summertime"
  6. "Everything Comes and Goes"
You could listen to the songs on her website. Among the six tracks, my favorites are Sooner or Later and Everything Comes and Goes. The EP as a whole is really a mix of country and her old pop-rock sound although the country influence is more prevalent. It's no surprise that Everything Comes and Goes is only an EP now instead of a full length album because later this year or early 2011 she will release a full-pledge country album "A Different Kind of Country". I did like her material as a member of the country duo "The Wreckers" but I just miss her sound "Hotel Paper" days but nevertheless. I would still support Michelle Branch and I hope she visits again in the Philippines.

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