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Emmy 2010 Predix Part 3

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The final part of my 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions. The first part discussed my predictions for the Supporting Acting categories and the second part for the Lead Acting Categories. For the final part of my special blog series, I will discuss who I think will Outstanding Drama Series and Comedy series. For the judging of the winners, each show picked six episodes from the eligible season which they think are the best. The six episodes will be divided to three sets with two episodes each which will be sent to the voters for judging. A voter would only judge the show with two episodes only (of course, there's a possibility that some voters follows a certain show already and watched all episodes of it). Anyway, here are my predictions:

Outstanding Drama Series

* Breaking Bad (AMC)
* Dexter (Showtime)
* The Good Wife (CBS)
* Lost (ABC)
* Mad Men (AMC)
* True Blood (HBO)

Which Show Will Win: Mad Men (AMC)

The current champion is still well loved by the industry like in the past two years. Winning for the third straight year is not a lock but the chances are high, it submitted its strongest episodes last season and this show is not as polarizing as compared to the other nominees.

Close Second: Lost (ABC)
The final season of Lost is the most talked about and debated show last season especially it's series finale. Many find the final season's arc not good overall compared to the previous seasons but the sixth season had a lot of standout episodes and those episodes were the ones submitted for competition. Plus, it could also be an opportunity to reward the show for breaking grounds in US network television and it's an irresistible opportunity to bookend the show with an Emmy win (they won on their first season)

Possible Upset: Breaking Bad (AMC)
-If the show had a more nominations (10+) and if had a Writing nomination I would have pick this show as the close second for the win because the show's third season was very well received by the critics but with only 7 nominations and lack of Writing nod it will really be hard for the show to manage a win. But it did got a nod for Directing plus the amazing performances of Cranston and Paul also helped to raise the show's profile so with a strong set of episodes submitted there's an outside chance that this show could pull an upset win.

Which Show I Want to Win: Lost (ABC)
It's one remarkable show that will be remembered for years, whether you like the conclusion or not, we simply cannot deny how ambitious this project and how it managed to intrigue the viewers and go crazy discussing the show. It also did great with how it handled its characters. It will be a great send off for the show if managed to win for one final chance.

Outstanding Comedy Series

* 30 Rock (NBC)
* Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
* Glee (FOX)
* Modern Family (ABC)
* Nurse Jackie (Showtime)
* The Office (NBC)

Which Show Will Win: Glee (Fox)

Glee received 19 nominations, the most nominated new show and also in the comedy field. It has the buzz, it's the most talked about show last season. It maybe receiving backlash right now due to its intensive hype but no one can't deny the pop cultural impact of this show. It won the Golden Globes, SAG and TCAs. An Emmy will be make it full circle.

Close Second: Modern Family (ABC)
- Next to Glee, it received the second most number of nominations for a new show. The show is praised for revitalizing the family sitcom genre. it won awards in the Writers' Guild and Directors' Guild awards. This will be a close match between Glee and Modern Family.

Possible Upset: 30 Rock (NBC)
Like Alec Baldwin, despite being the current title holder (3 for 3 at that!) no one is expecting 30 Rock to win for a fourth consecutive year due to the strong showing of freshman shows Glee and Modern Family and with a season that was not well received over all. But still 30 Rock chose the right episodes to submit to the voters that could possibly sneak them a win and if let's say the voters are divided between Glee and Modern Family, 30 Rock could still come out as the victor (but I hope not, I like 30 Rock but it's time to give the award to another show)

Which Show Do I Want to Win: Modern Family (ABC)
The show is well written with a great ensemble to give justice to the writing. It gave a new spin to the family sitcom which many people thought is already a tired concept. And I really enjoy watching this sitcom.

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