Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Midweek Musings 9

* So over the weekend I was in Baguio for work. We have a real estate company client which is developing a hotel there. We are producing their AVP and website and I was tasked to write the AVP script and web content. I helped the production and creative people for the AVP shoot in Baguio and it was tiring and fun at the same time. I was awake for like 26 hours for the shoot then barely had 2 hours sleep before the next shoot. We had a quick road trip to Baguio's top tourist destinations which will be included in the AVP. So it was both for leisure and work, it was crazy. But I'm glad I was able to visit some places I never got to visit the first time I visited Baguio 5 years ago. I first visited Baguio when i was in 3rd year college when I was one of the delegates from Heraldo Filipino for Ossei Campus Journalism Workshop. The trip to Baguio was much faster this time because of SCTEX I must say so kudos! The client also took good care of us as they even provided the snacks we would eat during the trip! Well, hopefully they will like the AVP we will produce. When everything's set already I'll share the AVP here and of course the link to the website. Apart from the 26 hour shoot, another memorable mome I had during the trip is when we rode the boat on Burnharm park, some of my office mates panicked and it almost led to a fight but well in the end we all just laughed the incident off. We were also on Mines View Park as early as 4:30 am to wait for the sunrise (which we will use for the AVP) and boy it was freezing out there! And I also made it to 100+ step Groto! I thought I would have asthma attack during the third flight of stairs seriously. One thing I did not like about Baguio now is how some politicians bastardized the highland city with them engraving their names on stones (it was campaign gimmick for the elections), months already passed since the elections and they should have the responsibility to get rid of those vandalism!
Anyway, it was definitely a fun three days! I feel blessed to have my second trip to Baguio also free of accommodation! :D

* Save the best (or worst?) for last at work! We had a meeting earlier today and boy we are loaded during the last few weeks of the year! We would even go to work on weekends just to finish some projects! Although thankfully the holidays (December 24, 25, 31) are work-free. We have so many things to finish before the holiday break though. I hope we could all accomplish the impending tasks with flying colors. I'm just sad I won't be attending the get-together with my college friends this Saturday because of work :(

* Got my 13th Month Pay last week and I shared a good amount to my family then allocated some to pay bills. I also spent some of it during our Baguio trip for my pasalubongs. I still have a good amount left and I will put half of it on my savings account. I'll leave some for myself although I can't think of what to buy as a gift for myself? Hmm...

*Earlier today I met up with two administrators of, Caramba and Nakura who were very nice and fun to talk to. Why did they meet me? Pinoyexchange were looking for moderators and they asked the members to nominate and well apparently a number of Pexers nominated to become a moderator for Music and Radio and International Movies and TV forums :) I feel so happy about this because I've been a member of Pex for six years now and I really enjoy the site and I'm excited to be a moderator soon. I will not be paid for this, it's voluntary and I'm so willing to do it because I really love the website and would like to help promoting and maintaining the healthy community interaction on the site. I will be a a moderator for a trial period and let's see how I'll fare I'm not sure when I'll start though probably next week but they've already sent me the manual so there, I'm just excited :) And upon talking to the Pex admins earlier it looks like Pex will be having some major changes next year and I'm looking forward to it.

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