Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spotlight: Terrified - Katharine McPhee feat Zachary Levi (Chuck!)

I know there was a Katharine Mcphee song "Terrified" for a long time already and I've been meaning to check it out because I love Katharine Mcphee and Zachary Levi from one of my favorite TV show Chuck is featured on it so I'm curious but I always forget to check the song out even if I encounter it some times on the provincial charts posted at The Philippine Music Charts Thread. I guess I blame the lack of airplay in Mega Manila stations that's why the song has been off my radar for a long time but when I was in Baguio last week, I heard this song for the first time on the radio and wow I fell in love with the song that fast! Such a sweet, beautiful song! I've always love Katharine Mcphee and I rooted for her to win American Idol back in Season 5. Too bad she didn't win and that her career didn't really took off, such a shame because she is really a talented girl and has a nice, soothing voice and yes she's HOT! And also kudos to "Chuck", I didn't know he could sing well too! Does it come from the intersect? Haha :D
Mega Manila radio is a missing a lot by not playing this song! Maybe I should bombard radio stations to play this song! Too bad this song was released on a small record label in the US so it didn't made an impact there at all but if this song had wide exposure, let's say it was sung on American Idol or perform on an awards show on TV, I bet this song would smash the charts but oh well :(

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