Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spotlight: 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards

Here are some of my thoughts of the recently concluded 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards:

I like Jane Lynch as a host too bad the material of the whole show as a whole is weak compared to Jimmy Fallon last year.

I know it's dull but I'm glad The Amazing Race got their Outstanding Reality Competition award back after Top Chef pulled an upset last year. TAR is simply a well-crafted reality show that is well above others production wise :)

Modern Family won all 5 categories it was nominated for: Outstanding Comedy Series, Writing, Directing, Supporting Actor and Actress! Wow! I know some found it an overkill or boring and I understand that but since I'm a big fan of the show I was so thrilled they dominated like this. And they truly deserve those awards. Really glad both Mr. and Mrs. Dunphy (Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen) won on the same night. And showrunner Steven Levitan's speeches as always are lovely to hear. Congratulations guys!

I'm sad Steve Carell lost for Outstanding Comedy Actor I dunno why the voters refused to recognized his talent. I'm also sad for eventual winner Jim Parsons, he looked uncomfortable when he received the award and he later said in interviews that he was actually expecting Carell to win. Parsons is also getting some backlash from online fans and I feel bad about that because in fairness Parsons' submission was terrific and he deserved the award as well it's just that people (like me) were expecting the academy to honor Carell's body of work. Oh well this is the only win that spoiled that night for me because otherwise it was a good selection of winners.

I love how diverse the drama winners are this year as Game of Thrones, Justified, The Good Wife and Friday Night Lights each won in the acting categories. I especially love the surprise win for Kyle Chandler, such an underrated actor finally getting recognition! Margo Martindale's speech is so heartfelt. Boardwalk Empire didn't nominate the awards and won as expected for directing for Martin Scorsese who is always a delight to see on TV. I'm also glad Friday Night Lights' Jason Katims beat Matthew Weiner for Writing. To be fair Weiner's an amazing writer but his acceptance speeches shows are so egoistic haha. Plus an underdog win is always welcome. Mad Men won outstanding drama for the 4th year in a row but with the spreading of awards earlier on there was at least an excitement on which show will take the award and that's a welcome change.

Hands down the best moment in the awards was during the announcement of Outstanding Lead Actress for Comedy. Amy Poehler spearheaded this plan to gate crash the stage while the announcement of nominees and the other nominated actress played along and they had a mini beauty pageant right there. It was so hilarious! Melissa McCarthy won while admit her win is questionable since Poehler and Linney had stronger submissions over her but Melissa's win was such an endearing moment that it's all okay. And I admit as a Gilmore Girls fan, I was so thrilled to see talented Sookie getting this big recognition :)

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