Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Emmy Awards Predictions [Part 3]

Continuing on my 2011 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards predictions I will now discuss the nominees of the acting categories of the comedy category. You can check out my Directing & Writing here and Drama Acting categories here.


Ty Burrell ("Modern Family") - "Good Cop, Bad Dog"
Chris Colfer ("Glee") - "Grilled Cheesus"
Jon Cryer ("Two and a Half Men") - "The Immortal Mr. Billy Joel"
Jesse Tyler Ferguson ("Modern Family") - "Halloween"
Ed O'Neill ("Modern Family") - "The Kiss"
Eric Stonestreet ("Modern Family") - "Mother's Day"

Winner: Ty Burell
Close Second: Chris Colfer
Wildcard: Ed O'Neill

This will be a competitive race and this time around all four Modern Family guys are nominated and I think that there's a chance that there will be a voting split that could lead to a Colfer win but last year Stonestreet still manage to win so this year I'm handing my prediction to the one who had the strongest tape and that is Ty Burell. And apart from his good submission he also did a solid job on the other episode submissions of his co-actors so that is a big edge for Burell. Colfer might manage to win the award though, apart from the possibility of a Modern Family vote split, he is already won the Golden Globe and his submission centers on his character and has showy moments but it's not a comedic performance but dramatic. My wildcard pick is Ed O'Neill his chicken slapping scene in his submission is simply hilarious and I have a feeling it could be enough to get him a lot of votes.


Julie Bowen ("Modern Family") - "Strangers on a Treadmill"
Jane Krakowski ("30 Rock") - "Queen of Jordan"
Jane Lynch ("Glee") - "Funeral"
Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family") - "Slow Down Your Neighbors"
Betty White ("Hot in Cleveland") - "Free Elka"
Kristen Wiig ("Saturday Night Live") - "Host: Jane Lynch"

Winner: Jane Lynch
Close Second: Betty White
Wildcard: Sofia Vergara

Well Lynch's submission is a strong one however like Colfer's episode her submission is also dramatic but it's well acted nevertheless. Plus being the host of the awards night is an advantage as well (although when Neil Patrick Harris hosted two years ago he still lost). And oh Wiig's submission is also the one that featured Lynch so that clearly won't hurt her. White won the SAG earlier this year and she is still well-loved to the academy, her submission is basically more of the same White antics but it's good enough anyway and will definitely challenge Lynch. Vergara's submission is very, very weak but I'm thinking her work with the submitted episodes of her co-stars was strong enough and maybe the voters will choose on her overall performance (and maybe they are regular watchers as well), it's really a long shot I know but I think she has a glimmer of hope.


Alec Baldwin ("30 Rock") - "Respawn"
Steve Carell ("The Office") - "Good-Bye Michael"
Louis C.K. ("Louie") - "Bully"
Johnny Galecki ("The Big Bang Theory") - "The Benefactor Factor"
Matt LeBlanc ("Episodes") - "Episode Seven"
Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory") - "The Agreement Dissection"

Winner: Steve Carell
Close Second: Jim Parsons
Wildcard: Louis C.K

Carell's submission is good as it showcased Carell's amazing versatility as an actor and yes since this is his last season with the show maybe the Emmy voters would finally reward him with this award he truly deserves. But even without the overdue factor the tape alone is strong enough. Last year's winner Parsons could spoil a Carell win though as his tape is actually the one with the most belly laughs moments. C.K's tape is not particular funny but his cred as writer/creator/director of his show could potentially help his chances and pull an upset.


Edie Falco ("Nurse Jackie") - "Rat Falls"
Tina Fey ("30 Rock") - "Double-Edged Sword"
Laura Linney ("The Big C") - "Pilot"
Melissa McCarthy ("Mike and Molly") - "First Date"
Martha Plimpton ("Raising Hope") - "Say Cheese"
Amy Poehler ("Parks and Recreation") - "Flu Season"

Winner: Laura Linney
Close Second: Amy Poehler
Wildcard: Martha Plimpton

Linney has won all the three times she was nominated for and with her 4th nomination for her own show The Big C I can see her winning streak continuing this year. Her submission is not particularly funny but it's charming and well-acted. And well the past two winners of this award (Falco and Toni Collete) won for well-acted episodes but not funny performances so yeah she has this in the bag. Poehler's submission is a very strong one and with Poehler's rising profile plus critical acclaim I think she has the biggest shot to upset Linney. Plimpton's is very wacky and I actually consider this the funniest one among the nominees so the voters find it hilarious as well this could be enough reason to pull a come from behind win.

For the 4th and final part of my predictions I will discuss my predicted winners for the Comedy and Drama series

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