Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Emmy Awards Predictions [Part 2]

The other day I shared my predictions for directing and writing for Drama & Comedy and for the 2nd part of my 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards predictions I'll dish out my predictions on who will probably win the acting categories for drama series.


Andre Braugher ("Men of a Certain Age") - "Let the Sunshine In"
Josh Charles ("The Good Wife") - "Closing Arguments"
Alan Cumming ("The Good Wife") - "Silver Bullet"
Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones") - "Baelor"
Walton Goggins ("Justified") - "The I of the Storm"
John Slattery ("Mad Men") - "Hands and Knees"

Winner: Allan Cumming
Close Second: Peter Dinklage
Wildcard: Walton Goggins

Honestly speaking with no Breaking Bad, Damages and Lost actors this year this category will be up in the air so there could be a surprise win (ala Archie Panjabi last year for Supporting Actress). Cumming lights up the screen everytime he is in a scene in The Good Wife and his submission highlights how he commands the screen like no other, he reminds me of Michael Emerson. Dinklage on the other hand is a scene stealer on Game of Thrones and this is the kind of breakout roles that usually shine on the Emmys. My wildcard pick is Goggins with his very intense performance in Justified. The acting on that show reminds me of Breaking Bad and we all know how the actors of that show fared on the Emmys last year.

Winner: Margo Martindale
Close Second: Archie Panjabi
Wildcard: Kelly Macdonald

As I've said earlier in the Supporting actor category, the acting in Justified is terrfic and has the similar vibe with Breaking Bad and Martindale as the main villain showed great range and her submission is very flashy that's hard too ignore. Panjabi was a surprise winner last year with a so-so submission but this time around she has a stronger tape so I wouldn't be surprise if she would be the first actress in several years to repeat as Supporting actress winner. My wildcard pick is Macdonald mainly because I suspect there will be huge Boardwalk Empire love on the Emmys this year and she could benefit from it.

Winner: Juliana Marguiles
Close Second: Elisabeth Moss
Wildcard: Kathy Bates

Marguilles was the frontrunner last year but The Closer's Kyra Sedgwick pulled an upset which made sense she did submit a strong episode submission. This year Sedgwick is snubbed and Marguilles had more stronger submission, this could be the year that the Emmys would make up for the Emmy we thought she would get last year. But it won't be an easy race for Marguilles as Moss' submission is an acting powerhouse where she was able to express her character's inner turmoil and demons in a way that would affect you a lot. I'm not a regular watcher of Mad Men and that episode still got me. My wildcard pick is Bates because of her acting pedigree and the academy do love rewarding movie actors doing TV roles.


Winner: Jon Hamm
Close Second: Steve Buscemi
Wildcard: Timothy Olyphant

With three-time winner Bryan Cranston out of the race it's anybody's game and this may finally be the time for Hamm to get the award for his performance of the iconic TV role and he has the best submission among all the nominees (and they are all good submission to boot). However, Buscemi won the Golden Globe and SAG awards earlier this year plus Boardwalk Empire is poised to raked in a lot of awards this year so that's a very big advantage for him. Truth be told among the nominated actors I found his performance the weakest but of course he has the pedigree of a great character actor that is respected in the industry. My wildcard pick is Olyphant in a very intense role. He may be the lesser known actor in this field but the role is somewhat like Bryan Cranston's Walter and I really have a feeling he is the darkhorse in this competition so don't count him out.

For the 3rd part my predictions for Comedy series acting categories :)

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