Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011 Emmy Awards Predictions [Part 4]

I already dished out my predictions for Directing and Writing, Acting for Drama and Comedy and for the final part of my 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards predictions, I'm going to discuss the competition between the series vying for Outstanding Comedy and Drama series.


Winner: Boardwalk Empire
Close Second: Mad Men
Wildcard: Friday Night Lights

Mad Men has never lost an Emmy since it debuted 4 years ago but this year it will face its stiffest competition yet with HBO's historical drama Boardwalk Empire. After Boardwalk Empire bagged a lot of awards in the Creative Arts Emmys this year, their chances of winning the main award is higher and maybe voters would like to honor some new show instead. Mad Men is still a force to reckon with, in general it still had better reviews that Boardwalk Empire and there's still a strong support on the shown so I wouldn't be surprise that even if Boardwalk Empire could sweep a lot of awards they could still lose this one. My wildcard pick is Friday Night Lights the show that was ignored in its early years that is finally nominated for the first and last time. It's a long shot but maybe some voters would feel like honoring one of the best reviewed dramas of the past decade, this is their only chance after all.


Winner: Modern Family
Close Second: Glee
Wildcard: Parks and Recreation

Modern Family led the nominations this year on the comedy side however they lost all their nominations in the Creative Arts Emmys this year and that gave me a little pause and the show might not be unstoppable from getting its second straight win but then again the show's submissions are strong and this show is a rare kind of success in broadcast TV these days as it is both a critical and commercial hit. While some critics were hard on Modern Family this year it still received good reception overall especially in the TV industry. Glee bag 3 awards in the Creative Arts Emmys and they have good chances on winning supporting actor and actress this year too but they got snubbed in both writing and directing though and general consensus is that the second season had poor quality overall but then again they submitted well and those strong episodes could pull an upset but would the academy really honor a show that has become a polarizing one this year? Parks and Recreation is probably the best reviewed comedy of the past season and rightfully so. Their submission is in my opinion the strongest of the bunch and if the judging base on that alone I could see them having a chance to win the award but the show have no writing or directing nod and their only other nomination is Lead actress so it's really a long shot for now but maybe next year ;)


Tomorrow I will post a recap of my predictions and i will also post my predictions for the categories that will be awarded on the ceremony too like the reality-competition program, mini-series/TV movie and variety-comedy-talk shows

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