Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stop, Pause, and Go

Well, it's the time where my Internet connection is intermittent. It has been really annoying the past few days. I called up Smart Bro and they told me there was some technical problems blah blah. I just said okay hope you fix it asap. You know, I'm not really the type who scolds on a customer service agent despite the sucky service. Maybe because I have friends that are call center agents and they are not really the one at fault at this and I know they have already face several complaints already and I know it ain't an easy a job.I 'm annoyed but I just can't take it on the agent. They are doing their job or what they are instructed too. That's why I never really wanted to become a call center agent despite the huge compensation they offer. That kind of job nature is something I could not take. I'm too weak for that . I don't like to be the shock absorber of complaints. Plus, I don't have the 'voice' as well.


Speaking of jobs, tomorrow I'll face a major development in my career. Once it's all fixed, I'll blog about it. I'm really excited actually but let me tell you it was really a difficult time for me the past week, I thought it was an easy decision but when the time I actually came that I have to face the situation it's really different on how I imagined it. I have this habit of planning what to say on a future scenario and most of the time it does not play out during the actual moment. But I knew that what's happening is a turning point in my life. It's scary and also exciting. And I choose to feel the latter more. Yes, its a choice on how you handle fear. I'm not ignoring it but I'm not letting it affect me that much.

I am growing up. And it's just the beginning.

I'm typed this on a word processor and posted it once the connection came back haha. I just hope this 'season' will be over soon.

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