Saturday, June 20, 2009

Me @ Tv Guide Magazine Online!

Last year, my question was picked for Chart Beat Chat of and I was really ecstatic to see my name there and now my chosen was picked again this time on the website of TV Guide Magazine! I really idolized TV Critic Matt Roush since I discovered his columns four years ago, I've always wanted to send a question for his Ask Matt column but I could not think of what to ask haha. Anyway, last week I had a Eureka moment and thought of a question to ask and I immediately e-mailed it to him and well my question was picked! You could see it here
If you are too lazy to click that haha I'll post it anyway:

Question: I'm from the Philippines and I really like reading your column online. I like reading your analysis on TV shows and the issues surrounding it. I also base on your reviews to what shows to watch and request our stations here to air. Anyway, my question: Doesn't international success matter on a U.S. TV series renewal? I think its kind of sad that there are popular U.S. shows in other countries but will get canceled because it was not successful domestically. Has there been an instance before that there was a show not doing well in the U.S. but got renewed because of international popularity?—Jecoup

Matt Roush: I’m not aware of any show that would otherwise have been canceled on a U.S. network that was kept alive simply because of its international reach. Maybe a show like Baywatch counts, which NBC dropped after a single season but was revived for domestic and international syndication, with tremendous success. But generally, if a show isn’t pulling its weight on a network, it doesn’t matter how many are watching it overseas. This may begin to change as the economic calculus for a show’s success continues to evolve. With studios and networks so vertically aligned now, it’s quite possible that a studio could keep a struggling show going if it thinks it can reap enough coin in the international market. Can’t really think of any network examples, though I’m sure if there are any, the readers will let me know. And I promise to share. Thanks for writing from the Philippines. Who knew?

I asked a good question, right? And I was really thrileed when he was amazed he found he have a fan on this side of the world haha :D

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