Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Judge a Book...

I'm so glad that I finally finished reading this book! I bought Bob Ong's latest book over month ago but it is only today that I finally finished reading it. The book didn't really grab my interest when I first read it that's why this book was left half-read for three weeks! This was the first Bob Ong book that I didn't immediately finished reading. Another factor I admit is that I was really preoccupied with the Internet and DVD to read, which is a bit bad I know.
Even though I got bored initially by this book, I was proven wrong during the latter part of the story. I was blown away!
I don't want to give too much details on the book to avoid possible spoilers but let me just say that it was really clever for Bob Ong to use a "superhero" for this work and the setting of the story is spot on! However, there are cliches in the story especially the "origin" of the "super hero", it felt a bit forced for me. But the 'community' was well written, it was well described, it was campy at some point but it was not ridicolous.
The "climax" of the story is riveting! Bizarre but poignant! I like how this book addressed the issue of DEPENDENCY. After I finished reading, it really got me thinking of the story's message.
Clearly, don't judge a book by its first chapters haha.


reyax said...

agree. maganda din pala ung katapusan akala ko tuluyan ko na akong mabobore sa librong un.:P hahaha. okay yung moral lesson, ika nga ni erian, "it dares you to move." hahaha.

forg/jecoup said...

Maganda talaga yung 'societal problem' na topic ng book. :D