Monday, June 08, 2009

The Text Message That Made My Day 2009

About four years ago I wrote a blog entry with the same title and it was about the text message telling me I passed the qualifying exams of Heraldo Filipino (which was something I was really surprised because I already assumed that I failed that). And today I received another text message that made my day and yes it is connected with HF. Here's how the text went:

"I'm a freshman at DLSU-D...and I am very inspired when I read your article, entitled 'Do Your Part' ....I just texted you to let you know...thanks...:) "

It caught me by surprise because it has been almost two years since that article was published as my column in HF. (By the way, my cellphone number was published for every column I wrote before). Later on I found out with Mica, HF's current EIC, that during the freshmen orientation in DLSU-D last weekend they gave out old issues of HF.

I never thought that what I wrote before would be appreciated by a "future student". Somehow I felt that I did achieve something during my time with HF. That text came on the right time, it gave me a morale boost because the past weeks I've been feeling so crappy because I'm nowhere near where I want to be.

That text reminded me what I love with HF and writing. I remember one editor told me before that even if just a single student would appreciate what we do, all effort was still worth it because we were still able to reach out to someone.

I'm not really confident with my writing skills. I know for a fact that it has flaws and limited but HF taught me that no matter how you write, what's important is that you send the message across. I will be forever cherish my Heraldo Filipino days.


reyax said...

wow. ang galing mo kuya jec! :)

nakakataba talaga ng puso kapag may nakaka-appreciate sa mga efforts mo. :) keep it up kuya!

forg/jecoup said...

Rea: Thanks. Sobrang natuwa talaga ako noong nabasa ko yun =)