Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sneak In

Except for my Chart Recaps, I have not posted anything lately because I was busy. Last week I started with my new job as a copy editor for an outsourcing company here in Makati. The job proper hasn't started yet since we are on our training phase which will last for a month (but we are paid, yehey!). My job this time is very challenging, even though I have a some knowledge on copy editing and proofreading it would be still difficult because my account is editing scientific journals specifically those coming from The American Institute of Physics! The format and style is very different. We had some editing practices and well editing it is so complicated. I find it amazing how the two worlds of language and science blended here! But I'm excited, yes, this is not my dream job but this is the kind of job that will help me "grow" and I do see a career here. Plus, I feel blessed that after leaving my first job in December, I was able to get a new job soon considering with the recession going on, with many companies laying off their employees and worse shutting down, I really feel blessed I landed this job. A new chapter of my life begins again and hopefully this time it would be better. With that, I shall go back to work :D

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