Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Baby Bottles

Apart from Internet surfing or watching TV/vcd/dvd, I spend my bum days helping my mother take care of my nephew. Well, basically my tasks are just to assist my mother when changing diapers, wash the baby bottles and entertain my nephew when nanay is doing something else. haha. I do all kind of silyl stuff to make my nephew laugh haha but you know I really feel a different kind of joy everytime my nephew smiles and laughs with my antics. But yes it's really hard taking care of a baby, you will not just devote time but you must give your 100%. Earlier on my nephew had a fever and it freaked me out but nanay told me that its nothing serious and y nephew is fine. That incident reminded me again how I was a suki at hospital when I was a baby. I could imagine how it must have been hard for them to raise such a weak baby like me. There was even a time that the holidays were spent on hospitals because of me. I know fully understand why they were very protective of me. Yes, sometimes they go a bit overboard but I now understand where they are coming from. And I can't blame them for being so worried about me since I, admittedly, was so accustomed to being a weak person that I just let it be, I could have been healthier if I exerted more effort.
The bottomline, I know my parents will always guide me wherever I my life is heading. I'm so thankful I have great parents.

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aajao said...

ambait ni tito jecop! :)