Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hello 2009

Four days since we welcomed 2009, I'm really at awe how we are nearing the end of this decade. And for the nth time how time flies. At 21, I feel old haha. I know I'm still young but sometimes I wish I could go back in time. Anyway, a belated happy new year to everyone.

I planned before to write some sort of 2008 recap post about my life last year but got lazy to do it.
Or.... well.... There's nothing much to tell. Of course, the highlight this year was when I graduated college followed by the birth of my very first nephew. Then the rest of the year was so , for lack of better word to think of as I type this, bland. I started 2008 with a very tough challenge at the school paper I headed, which even though it was resolved somehow but the experience was very painful for me mainly because I failed as a leader and I let people down. I was incompetent, I feel so guilty being such a lousy leader. Started my term good but ended bad. Sad. However, it was a learning experience for me that I will carry in my heart forever.
And then after graduation, to sum it up, it went like this: bum for months, got a job for three months, left after the contract ended and went back to bum life.
Tomorrow, most people will resume their lives in school and work, many might be bummed that the holiday is over and they have to go back to their "regular system". But for me I have nothing to look forward too. Well there is, a call that I got hired for a new job.
Sorry for the whining, what a way to start my blog for 2009!
That's why the past few weeks I restrained from blogging about my personal thoughts because I know it would be on this kind of tone. I opted to blog more about my interest (and would be I believe more interesting for other people who lurks here) which is well music chart monitoring, no matter how silly it may sound, my renewed and reinforced music chart "geekiness" was also one of my bright spot for 2008. It made me feel happy. Enough said.
But I will end this post on a good note: 2009 will be a great year for me and my family!

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