Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Well Soon

Last Sunday, I was shocked when I received a dozen text messages from my college classmates that our classmate, Walton, was rushed to the hospital because he suffered a stroke. My classmates were asking who would go and visit him in UMC that day. Unfortunately, I was not able to come but I could have because on that day I was just about to go to the mall which is a jeep ride away from the hospital but I suffered a minor injury, I slipped and hit my foot on a wooden object. It was so painful as my big toe was swollen and then at that time I found out the shocking news about my friend, it was a difficult feeling, I was in literal pain and I was very worried about Walton. Walton is one of the class clowns and loves to fool around. He is very athletic and healthy so it was really a shocker. The next day, I chatted with some of my classmates who visited him and told me that he was in really serious condition that the doctors advised that they should not let him fall asleep as it might lead to a coma. But they could talk to Walton and he was still joking around despite his condition. They also relayed to me that day was a bittersweet feeling since it was sort of a mini reunion for our block.
Today he was sent to Makati Medical Center to have his brain checked. I'm really praying hard that nothing bad wont happen to my friend, Walton. Get well soon!

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