Friday, January 30, 2009

Eraserheads Reunion Concert DVD

It was released today and of course I bought one! Actually, I was not planning to buy one yet because I my first paycheck is due next week and I thought it will be expensive (600+) but after work I went to SM Makati to pay some bills and the payment center is adjacent to the Astrovision shop so I decided after paying to check the store out (I usually do that anyway to check out DVDs/VCDs on sale ;D). And when I entered the store, guess what.... the reunion concert DVD was playin on their monitor I got excited and find the DVD and when I was on the counter about to pay the DVD (395 pesos) the sales clerk remarked that I was the 25th customer who bought the DVD that day and the guy next on line has the DVD also on hand. Amazing! I will watch it tomorrow, so excited, I may have missed the first concert but the DVD will suffice. Hopefully, in their upcoming concert this March I could watch, I'm quite worried that I could loss my chance to see that one because I haven't the ticket yet and as expected the tickets are selling like crazy! I really hope I could still watch. Wish me luck!

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