Thursday, September 23, 2021


 Nanay's blood sugar is now on a good level after skyrocketing last week but she does have mild anemia now which the doctors say is normal for a person who went through a major operation and blood transfusion. She prescribed vitamins. I've also learned Nanay's father, my grandfather who passed away way before I was born, also had anemia. Nanay got a little anxious although the doctor said not to. When she's anxious it's really a challenge to calm her down. Not gonna lie it really puts my patience to test. I have to be stricter with her too because sometimes she does not want to take her medicine. Back when I was a child she would reprimand me when I struggle drinking my medicines especially capsules and those syrup with awful taste. Things have changed now and sometimes I still feel uncomfortable in this position now. Says so much how I matured right. Anyway, my mother's health is my top concern now and please Lord keep her healthy. 

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